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EXO Travel Group is privately owned and operated by its founders, Olivier Colomes and Hamish Keith, along with the Apple Tree Group. Our head office in Bangkok provides strategic management and operational direction along with a broad range of support functions.

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The EXO story began in Vietnam back in 1993 when four young entrepreneurs, Eric Merlin, Olivier Colomes, Denis Colonna and Thụy Khang Trần, met each other and realised that it was the perfect time and place to start a travel company. Shortly after, Exotissimo was created, and was the first foreign-owned company to receive a tourism operating license in Vietnam.

Each EXO country is a fully licensed and registered tourism company owned and operated by EXO Travel alongside an active local partner and headed by an experienced, highly capable General Manager. There are dedicated teams in place within each destination for Adventure, MICE and Luxury Travel, each supported by multilingual reservations teams and specialised product teams.

Despite our large size, we remain firmly committed to our roots, providing personalised services while utilising extensive local knowledge and maintaining exceptional attention to detail. We continue to see ourselves not only as travel pioneers, but as a nimble, innovative company that meets and exceeds the demands of clients by pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the region.

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Why travel with Exo

EXO Travel crafts one-of-a-kind experiences in Asia that excite, challenge, and educate. We specifically employ travel enthusiasts with extensive knowledge within the region to ensure that the experience and service you receive is the best in the business.

Our Commitment

EXO Travel understands the benefits of a good working relationship. With all our clients, we share a common commitment to quality and the delivery of authentic travel experiences.Our high level of service and professionalism will never be compromised, regardless of the client or destination. To that end, we offer the following:

Timely and professional service

A timely response

We know that a fast response is imperative for success in our industry and, as your partners on the ground, we are committed to responding to every inquiry the same day or, at the most, within 48 hours.

A professional organisation

We use the internationally recognised and fully-integrated travel software ‘TOURPLAN.’ Our reservations and operations teams receive complete and regular professional training while our organisation allows us to deliver fast and consistent service and seamless itineraries through each of our destinations.

Training and quality

High quality service on the ground

From the use of high-quality vehicles to our thorough guide-training programs, we are committed to providing the highest quality of service possible. Our preferred suppliers are all subject to regular and rigorous training programs to ensure that quality is always at a high standard.

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Consultative and well-trained staff

We ensure our teams are the most knowledgeable and qualified in the business through industry-leading, comprehensive training programs.

Dedication and expertise

Specialised teams and personal service

Whether it is about MICE, Adventure, Luxury or general travel, we have specialised teams in each destination waiting to deliver personalised services tailored specifically to each request.

An investment in product development

Because authenticity and innovation are at the heart of EXO, we have specialised product teams in each of our destinations. With local experts who live and breathe our destinations, we ensure that all of our travel products are as authentic as possible.

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