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BKK TP Ltd. Partnership is a registered tour operator with Dutch-Thai management based in Bangkok. We are licensed by the Tourism Authority of Thailand to operate tours under the name of BKK Tours. The company is started by Michiel Bosch and Photjaman (Air) Reamsan.  It is a small family run business which focuses on private guided tours that offer an authentic Thai experience with the best possible personal service.

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We like to organize private, authentic, and original tours to great places with wonderful people in and around Bangkok. Our goal is to take you off the beaten track to locations where you would never come on your own, and we will mix that with some of the well known highlights. We will let you meet the beautiful Thai people, to show and practice the local traditions and explore the Unseen Thailand. Important for us is that we give a positive contribution to these local communities.  They need it more than the businesses who are active in the touristic places.

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For city tours in Bangkok we always recommend public transport such as tuk-tuk, watertaxi and skytrain. This is a fun experience and gives the best feel of Bangkok. If more comfort is required we can arrange a luxury minivan with a professional and safe driver.

For trips outside of Bangkok we will always arrange a luxury minivan that comes with upgraded interior and comfortable seats. Drinking water and cold towels are always included in the tour price, a must for doing tours in the tropics.

Terms and conditions

The following conditions apply for advance payments:

  • A full refund will be given if we receive the cancellation of your booking at least 7 days before the first tour.
  • If cancellation is received on shorter notice, you will still receive a full refund if we can find alternative work for our team.
  • If cancellation is received on short notice and no alternative work can be found, you will still receive a partial refund. The maximum amount we will deduct is 2,500 THB for each day that a tour guide was booked, or 3,500 THB for each day that a guide and driver was booked. The money is then used to compensate our team for their loss of income, our tours are private and we reserve our team exclusively for you.

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We commit ourselves to service our clients in good times and in bad times. We take safety seriously and are pro-active in minimizing risks on our tours. But we have to realize that sometimes situations are beyond our control. By booking a tour with us you accept that BKK TP Ltd Part and its representatives are not responsible for loss, theft, damage or injury that occurs while on the tour.

Anyone that organises tours in Thailand is legally  required to have an accident insurance, this is regularly checked by the Tourism Authority of Thailand when the tour operator license needs to be extended (every two years).

We can cover participants, in the age range of 1-75 years, under our local liability and accident insurance when you book a tour with us. We do need to receive personal details for each participant (full name, date of birth, passport number) in order to add you to our insurance, this information can be sent by email after confirmation of the booking. Personal details will only be shared with our insurance provider (AXA Insurance), and not with others. By not sending the required personal information you accept that you are not covered by our insurance and that BKK TP Ltd Part and its representatives can not be held liable in case of accidents. 

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